About: What is the IPPF?

Founded in 2001, the Bickel & Brewer/New York University International Public Policy Forum (IPPF) is the only contest that gives high school students around the globe the opportunity to engage in written and oral debates on issues of public policy. The program is available to all high schools and debate organizations for free.

The 13th annual IPPF will begin in October, as each team submits a qualifying round essay on the IPPF topic, "Resolved: As a last resort, unilateral military force is justified to minimize nuclear weapons proliferation." The essay should be no more than 2,800 words, either affirming or negating the topic resolution. The IPPF Essay Review Committee evaluates each essay, and the top 64 teams earn cash awards and advance into a single-elimination, written debate competition.

During the “Round of 64,” schools volley papers back and forth via e-mail. Judges review the essays in the order they were presented (affirmative constructive, negative constructive, affirmative rebuttal, negative rebuttal) and select the advancing teams. The process begins anew as the "Top 32" teams compete for their chance to advance into the "Sweet 16" round.

In March, the "Elite 8" teams are announced. These teams win all-expense-paid trips to New York City to compete in the IPPF Finals. During the finals, teams engage in oral debates at The Harold Pratt House. Judges for the oral rounds have included NYU President John Sexton, Bickel & Brewer Partner William A. Brewer III, Ret. General Wesley Clark, National Forensic League Executive Director Scott Wunn, and NASA Astronaut Mike Massimino. Ultimately, the IPPF Champion wins a $10,000 (USD) grand prize and the Bickel & Brewer Cup!

To learn more about the IPPF, visit www.ippfdebate.com.