IDEA Asia Youth Forum!

IDEA Asia Youth Forum!
Thammasat University, Pattaya Campus and Rangsit University
Pattaya and Bangkok

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IDEA Asia Youth Forum:

Connecting Asian youth, Debating hot topics, Sharing skills, Building communities

14 - 27 May 2012: Bangkok/Pattaya, Thailand

The very first Asia Youth Forum powered by the International Debate Education Association and UNITED Thailand: Developing and empowering youth through debate

2012's Theme = Crossing Border: Migration in Asia For more information about the event: visit and IDEA Asia Youth Forum On behalf of International Debate Education Association (IDEA), I wish to warmly welcome you to the first IDEA Asia Youth Forum held in the resort city of Pattaya and Thailand’s vibrant capital Bangkok. IDEA, in partnership with UNITED Thailand, is happy to host this educational and joyful debate event, and would like to extend our gratitude to our generous sponsors and those who have helped us during the preparation of this event.

In addition to providing comprehensive learning opportunities and international venue for youth empowerment, one of the main purposes of the IDEA Asia Youth Forum held in the strategic geographic location of Bangkok is to expose youth from emerging debate communities to educational debate under international setting. I also hope to incentivize Asian youth communities to continue utilize debate and critical thinking skills, and to provide training opportunities that will bolster the skills of existing group of educational debate trainers and deliberative educators in the region.

I hope that this event will nourish critical thinking and intellectual debate, while simultaneously preparing youth to play an active role in building a well-informed, dynamic, more open and tolerant society. I wish you a wonderful and intellectually stimulating experience throughout the two-week event - Have fun and enjoy your time in the land of smile!

2012 IDEA Asia Youth Forum Director


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