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About Me: 

I am the programme officer for IDEA UK which means I help write funding proposals, do some of our admin, reporting and evaluation, and some of our communications as well as some content for this website.

Previously I was content officer for IDEA UK, a role that mostly involved working on coordinating and writing debatabase content and moderating the site.

I came to IDEA from Debatewise where I was in a similar content role.

Before that I was a University Student at Nottingham University and Aberdeen University studying International Relations and History.

  • I'm not sure that abortion should be legal
  • I'm not sure that affirmative action should be mandatory.
  • I strongly agree that civil unions/partnerships should be legal.
  • I strongly disagree that the death penalty should be legal.
  • I slightly agree that drugs should be legal.
  • I strongly agree that environmental protection should be mandatory.
  • I slightly agree that euthanasia (human) should be legal.
  • I strongly agree that global warming exists.
  • I strongly agree that labour unions should exist.
  • I strongly disagree that late-term abortion should be legal.
  • I strongly agree that the minimum wage should be mandatory.
  • I'm not sure that missile defence systems should exist.
  • I strongly agree that national health care should be provided.
  • I slightly disagree that racial/ethnic profiling should occur.
  • I strongly agree that progressive tax should exist.
  • I strongly agree that social security / welfare should exist.
  • I strongly agree that the United Nations should exist.
  • I slightly disagree that the War on Terror is necessary.

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Should Obama offer concessions to the moderate new Iranian President Hassan Rouhani?

Yes - most obvious is to relax sanctions.

17 Jun 2013


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